Vegan Travel - Techniques for Cooking Without Oil

Vegan Travel - Techniques for Cooking Without Oil

You can carry a lot of things with you for vegan travel cooking, but oil is one that can be a pain. In the cooking videos I've been posting from our travels, I've been showing you lots of recipes that don't use oil at all.

This can be useful at home as well, and I thought I would amalgamate these tips for you this weekend.

Water Sauteeing

This is a method of sauteeing that uses water in place of oil. You only use a very small amount, and it basically serves to absorb heat from the burner and cook the food more evenly. It actually steams your foods, and doesn't seal in the flavor like sauteeing with oil does.

Flavors will leach out of the vegetables and into the water, but since there is very little water the vegetables will keep a lot of their flavor. As a vegan travel cooking technique, it is quick and easy. It also avoids heating oil, which creates toxins, so is a healthy method of cooking at home.

Soups and Stews

Taking the water content up to make a soup or stew means that you won't need any oil, and the flavor of the foods merge together in the broth. On a cold, rainy day a hot soup makes a perfect vegan travel meal.

Salad Dressings

You can dress a salad with a bit of juice, and citrus make excellent choices. If lemon is too sour, try orange or grapefruit. Use half the fruit for juice, and cut up the other half to include in the salad.

Use Whole Food Fats

Another component oil adds to a meal is the filling, delicious quality of fats. It is always a better choice to use whole foods instead of oil, and vegan travel gives a great excuse to experiment since whole foods can be used in single-serving quantities.

Olives are a great addition to salads and stews, avocados can be chopped into salad or mashed to make a dip for potatoes, nuts and seeds are fantastic mixed in with your morning oatmeal or cereal.

I actually considered buying some oil this week because I found a tiny bottle that wasn't expensive, but I've been having so much fun with all of the above techniques that I didn't even want it! Give these ideas a try, whether you're at home or traveling - sometimes the best creative results come when you limit one thing you usually depend on.

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