Vegan Travel - Videos And Recipes

Vegan travel can be daunting, but we went traveling for 3 months in Europe and we're giving you over 40 free videos, recipes and tips from our trip to show you how to travel and be vegan!

We set up a special website section dedicated to vegan travel where you'll see how to cook the local cuisines and other healthy vegan recipes.

We started our trip in Paris and stayed with a wonderful couple who we stayed with again when we went back to Paris at the end of our trip, 3 months later.

We spent the middle part of September in Istanbul, a city of something like 15 million people! We got used to the cars driving 12" away from us and the constant horn honking and it's actually a very exciting city. The people there are so warm and helpful and went out of their way to help us find places we're looking for.

In late September, we took a 12 hour overnight bus from Istanbul all the way in the north to Olympos all the way in the south, on the Mediterranean.

We were in heaven - happy to be out of the madness of Istanbul, which was pretty fun, but we're more interested in the wilderness, of which we had plenty there - low mountains, forests, beach, ocean.

We made our made up through Greece, then through Albania where we paid 8 euros per night for a hostel overlooking the Mediterranean, Montenegro where we stayed in a Medieval town surrounded by thick stone walls and cobblestone paths, and Croatia where we lucked out again with great hostels and amazing views over the city and the Mediterranean.

We spent 10 or so days in Italy (Florence and Verona) and 5 days in Munich, Germany where the weather turned cold. We had a great week with Phil's sister Haley at her tiny dorm room in Amsterdam. We cooked lots of great meals and explored the city as the snow fell. We spent a couple of wonderful days with our friends in Paris and then headed home.

During our trip, we got some sad news from home, that Phil's family's dog Blue passed away. He was getting very old, and having trouble getting around, but he was happy and good-natured to the end.

I have some great memories with him, including how he got all spiffed up and walked us out through the aisle of trees for our wedding. I had never had a dog because my mom is allergic, and getting to know Blue was really fun for me. It definitely won't be the same on the farm without Blue running up to the car to say hi.

The map below shows our route.

3 Tips For Vegan Travel

1. Oatmeal, Oatmeal, Oatmeal

We eat plenty of oatmeal at home, too, but it's especially suited to vegan travel, especially the way we make it. When you sign up below, the hidden section of the website will show you how to make a really delicious oatmeal.

If you are staying in a hostel or other place where they serve free breakfast, it can be tempting to eat the often unhealthy food they serve, such as white bread, muffins and sugary cereal. When it comes to talking about how to travel and be vegan, oatmeal is sooooo much better for you.

Or if you're staying in a place on your vegan travel journey that doesn't serve breakfast, you might be more tempted to go out for breakfast more often, which costs more money and is often not as healthy - of course it's wonderful to go out for breakfast occasionally, but the money adds up if you do it everyday.

2. Bring Your Own Spice Mixes

If you're traveling on a budget like us, you might stay in a hostel and cook many of your own meals. A lesser-known tip for how to travel and be vegan is to bring your own spice mixes to make things go more quickly in the busy hostel kitchens and help make sure you still get to eat great food. The recipes for my spice mixes are on the hidden vegan travel section of the website.

3. Yes, Other Countries Have Grocery Stores, Too

We don't eat at restaurants much during vegan travel time. Instead, we go to markets and grocery stores and have picnics. We'll be posting some videos about how to grocery shop while you're traveling, save a lot of money, and have really nice lunches and dinners. No, it's not rocket science, but there are a few things that are good to know.

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