How Much Protein Should I Eat?

"How much protein should I eat?" is one of the most common questions I get.

Most protein calculators are just trying to sell you protein supplements, or are too simplified to be accurate.

Find out your specific protein requirements with this free calculator.

It's the only one I know using 2 calculation methods for more accurate results.

Frequency. How much moderate-
to high-intensity exercise do you get?

0-3 hours/week
3-5 hours/week
5-7 hours/week
1-2 hours/day
2-4 hours/day

Goals. If you are a serious athlete,
which of these most applies to you now?

None of these goals
Endurance athlete
Strength and power athlete
Focusing on fat loss
Focusing on weight gain
lbs kg

ft in


Gender Male Female

Are you pregnant or lactating?
No Yes

If you go through the calculator and are still asking yourself "How much protein should I eat?", you might want to check out this 7 day meal plan, where I show you how to get enough protein on a vegetarian/vegan diet plan.

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